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I have a passion for creating things that are new, different, innovative and disruptive. This passion has lead me down an unconventional path that has seen me launch 3 successful startups, engineer multiple technology platforms, create a number of popular websites, and invest in a number of businesses. I definitely did not get to this point by any conventional means, so here is my story...

I have been making websites for well over half of my life. I was lucky enough to get access to ridiculously slow AOL internet access in 1994 (when I was 12 years old), and shortly thereafter I started making websites. (In-between involved me viewing the source code of more than a few websites to learn HTML). So it is a little strange making a website about myself. I am not one for self-indulgence. My goal here is to convey all of the pertinent information about myself, without this turning into a page full of "Hey! Look at me I'm freaking awesome!" So if that is how this comes off, sorry (but I can't help it, I do exude a pinch of awesomeness).

Anyway, let us go back to 1994. I was just a kid with internet access at the inception of the internet, with somewhat of an awareness of how amazing that privilege was. At first all I wanted was to experience the internet and its vast amount of information. Then I wanted to be a part of it. So I taught myself web development, and started cranking out websites. Of course, being 13 years old the websites I made were geared towards my adolescent interests: Video Games, Sports and Pro Wrestling (I have long outgrown most of these interests with the exception of sports). Then I thought to myself "wouldn't it be cool if people saw my websites?". I figured the best way to do this was to get them ranked highly in search engines. So I compared the source codes of highly ranked websites and poorly ranked websites, and tweaked my sites to emulate the successful ones (the term SEO hadn not been invented yet, so I had no idea this is what I was doing). It worked quite well. All of my sites gained some degree of popularity, with my pro wrestling website (WrestleZone.com) experiencing explosive growth. This transformed my fun little network of websites into a legitimate early internet startup and set me off on a ride I have been on ever since.

Let us fast forward a few years. I hit my 20's and one by one the various popular websites I had created were acquired by 3rd parties. I decided to launch new internet ventures, with a focus on internet marketing and technology. Over my 20+ years of internet entrepreneurship I have honed by skills as a leader, technologist, and developer. My 3rd startup, ClickSpark, grew rapidly as a disruptor in the online lead generation market thanks to our fantastic team and our cutting edge technology. After a phenomenal run of rapid growth, highlighted by ClickSpark being listed on Inc Magazine's "Fastest Growing Companies" list, ClickSpark was acquired in 2016 by Output Services Group.

My Companies


Founder/CEO 2006 - 2016

ClickSpark is a lead generation and technology company that was featured on Inc Magazine's Inc5000 "Fastest Growing Companies" for 3 consecutive years. ClickSpark was acquired in 2016 by Output Services Group.

Adsertive / High Falls Media

Co-Founder/CTO 2001 -2006

Direct internet marketing firm specializing in search engine marketing (PPC/SEO), e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

AE Web Technologies

Founder 1996 - 2003

AE Web Technologies created popular content based websites such as WrestleZone, GZ.com (GameZone) and MMANews.com. During the 90's AE's properties generated over 5 million unique visitors monthly. AE's sites have all been acquired by various companies who still own and operate them. WrestleZone.com continues to be one of the top 5000 most popular sites in the US.

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